Hong Kong City Trip

Monday, February 06, 2017

Wrapping up my trip at the end of 2016, Hong Kong was the last place I stopped over before visiting home in Taipei.

After many days battling during the business trip, my vacation finally started in Hong Kong by visiting my BFF from University after 5 years. 
2016 was the year catching up with old friends all around the globe and it was absolutely memorable. 
Starting from London in January to Hong Kong in November, seeing them reminded me no matter how life progresses or how the world changes around us, we always need to hold on to the true value that matters to us. 

During my short 2-night stay, I love how international and fast-paced Hong Kong is. It was apparent that every second in Hong Kong counts and shall not be wasted. At the same time, transportation is extremely convenient and the center is filled with city lights throughout the night. Not to mention just like any other major citiy in Asia, one can find fancy restaurants or interesting local eateries in every corner. 

Looking back, 2016 to me was a very fruitful year with lots of changes and growth. 
Maybe due to it was an extremely action packed year, I failed to take care of my health and was sick for at least 2 month during Dec. & Jan.17. 
The long sick days make me realize without health, one will not be able to enjoy anything.
So my new year resolution is putting eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and working out regularly at first to keep my energy level up! With that, performance will be great and goals will naturally be achieved. 

What is your takeaway from 2016 and what are your priorities for this year? 

Cheers! xo

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