Amsterdam Weekend Food Diary

Sunday, August 05, 2018

This summer has been incredibly hot in Belgium. We are talking about constant 36 degrees Celsius for 2-3 weeks!
So last weekend I decided to go to Amsterdam for a weekend trip to visit my friend Evelyn who I have known since college.
Our history goes way back because we moved to Seattle together and were roommates in the beginning. Now we get to be neighbors since now she has moved to Amsterdam!
Catching up with an old friend made me realize time flies. We met when we were figuring out how to drive to now we are both working and living in Europe.
Taking the train from Brussels to Amsterdam is pretty convenient. There are options of Thalys & Eurostar (the fast direct train about 2 hours) or the normal IC train (direct) that takes an hour longer.
If I book in advance, Thalys can be as cheap as 55EUR one way, Eurostar 25EUR one way, and the normal IC train 26 EUR one way.
The difference? Luxury level goes up from IC Train -> Eurostar -> Thalys
Also, Thalys and Eurostar have less possibility of cancellation and delays.
For example, I was planning on taking the IC train at 8:49am last Saturday, and it was cancelled when I arrived at the station and had to wait for the next one. However, IC train's ticket is good for the entire day, so one will have more flexibility of which train to take.
Go on SNCB International's website here, it will show all the options available according to dates selected.  
Finally I arrived in Amsterdam at 12:40pm.
Skipping the sightseeing spots, we went directly to enjoy some good Asian food in Amsterdam!
First stop: Oriental City (Dim Sum)
We had to first get a number and wait for our turn. Judging by the line outside, their authentic Cantonese Dim Sum and Chinese style menu must have attracted all the hungry locals and travelers.
After 20 minutes of wait, we ordered a few Dim Sum classics, Siu Mai, Steamed Chinese buns with pork, Steam dumplings with prawns, Radish cake, Stewed chicken claws, and a pot of hot oolong tea.
Siu Mai and prawns both tasted fresh, not frozen. Radish cake was soft and crispy. Tea was hot and helped neutralized excess oil in the dish.
Next Stop: Blue Amsterdam (Rooftop café)
With a stomach full of Dim Sum, we wondered around the flower market and shopping districts, and ended up at Blue Amsterdam.
It is a rooftop café with cute seating and a view of 360 degree on the city.
In the hot summer weather, there is nothing better than a big glass of ice tea and an air-conditioned rooftop café. 
The café even offers telescopes free of use to explore the beauty of Amsterdam from the top.
Next Stop: Fou Fow Ramen
After chilling at the café, it is almost dinner time and our food adventure in Amsterdam continues.
For dinner, we decided to go to Fou Fow Ramen.
They have many choices of appetizers and ramen. There are the classic Shio, Tonkotsu, Vegetarian Shoyu, Miso broths to choose from plus with three different levels of toppings as combination (basic, classic, or classic large).
I went with the traditional Tonkotsu base with classic toppings. The broth was rich and full of flavors. The egg was tender and not overcooked. The pork was also smooth and moist. 
Dessert: Ice Cream at IJscuypje
Finishing our amazing Japanese noodle soup, luckily there's an ice cream shop right next door for dessert!
What is better than a combination of strawberry and mango ice cream in this weather?
I'm not sure how to pronounce their name IJscuypje, but their ice cream was so refreshing and reminded me of the gelato in Italy.
Next day: Winkel 43 (The Apple Pie)

Next day morning, my friend told me about this place with excellent apple pies that I must try.
So we marched down to Winkel 43 for breakfast.
We got an apple pie and their breakfast special (comes with a bread roll with fried egg, bacon and cheese on top, coffee, and orange juice). It was plenty of food for breakfast and we got a bit of everything.
The apple pie was layer with chunky apples with soft all around. And the cinnamon just tied both ingredients into a loving melody.
This was my final food stop in Amsterdam and the apple pie put a satisfying period to my weekend tip.
 Next time when you are in Amsterdam, don't forget to visit all these delicious spots with amazing views of canals everywhere.

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