AUrate New York - Day to Night

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Last year in Paris, I indulged so much and had such a great time that I decided to return again this year.
I love Paris because everyone is so fashionable, the architecture is beautiful with a taste of history, and French cuisine is just amazing.
This time with AUrate New York, a handcrafted jewelry brand offering beautiful real gold pieces made in NYC, I put together two outfits with AUrate's fine earrings and necklaces to complete the day-to-night challenge, while enjoying my weekend getaway in Paris.
To complete an outfit, jewelry is an important part, which gives the look a final touch.
Simple and unique designs are usually my favorite jewelry choices.
With AUrate's timeless 14 and 18-karat pieces, my outfits can be transformed easily from day to night because they come in various designs and collections.
Also, I am always fascinated by how a brand started, so I looked up AUrate's story.
It was founded by Sophie Kahn and Bouchra Ezzahraoui when the idea of having affordable and ethical fine jewelry sparked during one of their usual brunches.
Except offering luxury jewelry, they also run a match donation program to give books to students and schools in New York, so that reading deficiency will not stop them from developing their careers later in their adult lives.
 While pampering ourselves and love ones with beautiful high quality jewelry, we can also ensure the money is spent at a good cause. 
- The Day -
For the day look, I paired my outfit with AUrate's Tribar Ear Jacket or Long Bar Ear Jacket and the Gold Bar Necklace.
Turtle neck shirts, black jeggings, and black boots are always my go-to outfit for the day because they are so comfortable and practical to walk around.
And my ZARA knit cardigan was doing amazing work keeping me warm and comfy.
Here are a few more similar knit cardigan styles:

- The Night -
For the night look, I simply switched from gold to silver and from pants to a dress!
For earrings and necklace, I went with AUrate's Circle Earrings or Gold Disk Earring with Black Diamonds and Circle Necklacke to complete the night look.
 More optical illusions dresses:

For the full earrings collection, click here

For the full necklace collectionclick here

It was truly a fun day-to-night challenge because I tried to bring all outfits with me in order to enjoy the city as much as I could without stopping by the hotel!
The city was full of lights and decorations with the holiday season right around the corner.
Are you planning a trip to travel somewhere during Christmas?
If you need any jewelry/gift inspirations, make sure to check out AUrate's Lookbook here.
I like many of their looks because simply is classy, simple is key.

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