Monday, October 16, 2017

This summer I hopped on a Ryan Air and finally made a visit to my friends in Prague.
I have heard many good things about Prague in Czech Republic, but have never been.
This year is all about catching up with old friends. This trip was also to see Teresa and Jonas who I met in Taiwan and haven't seen for more than three years.
Prague is a city full of lives, tourists, and great food with good prices.
We were on foot or on public transportation the whole time. It is the best way to see every detail of the city.
From local farmers market to bars & grills by the river, everything was new and exciting to me.
It was probably one of the hottest day this summer, so eventually we had enough walking and just found a Starbucks on the hill top to cool down with some iced Frappuccino and great view of the city.
It was a short stay, but thanks to my amazing hosts, I have seen most of the important spots in Prague.
On my way back, of course I filled my suitcase with some delicious chocolate wafers.
Prague, I will definitely see you soon again.
Supposed to bring luck by touching it ;) 
Street artist making music with water in glasses  
The Lennon Wall 
A great ending with some authentic Czech salami and cheese ;) 

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