Gas Works Park Seattle

Sunday, July 09, 2017

This summer I finally went back to Seattle to visit this beautiful city and my friends who I haven't seen for five years. 
Before departing, I got a bit emotional. On one hand due to it has been so long, on the other hand I felt like I was just going home because Seattle is very familier to me.

Arriving in Seattle, everything was exactly like how I remember. The view looked like a well-preserved peaceful yet vivid painting, which I took it out to hang on the wall after a few years put in storage. 

Upon meeting up with all my friends in Seattle, we all realized our friendships are timeless.
We laughed like we don't have a care in the world, we talked as we are still in college and nothing can scare us, and we shared dreams like we know we can achieve whatever we desire. 

And of course me and my friends did what we used to do in the old days, visiting our favorite spots. One thing I love very much about Seattle is that there is the city side and there is also the nature side. There is a little bit something for everyone. 
 One of the spots we toured around was Gas Works Park. It is a beautiful park right in front of Lake Washington next to University of Washington, so I often spent my spare time there between classes and on weekends.
On a sunny day, the view is stunning because one can see clearly the entire Seattle city skyline with Space Needle as a focal point. Many people like to chill and picnic in the park to enjoy some sun and the relaxing view.
Some prefer to do kayaking and paddle boarding on the lake.
There are many beautiful lakes in Seattle and Lake Washington is just one of them. 

Stay tuned for more posts on my trip to Seattle and meanwhile, enjoy the summer weather! xoxo

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