Thursday, June 22, 2017

My trip to Seattle finally took off yesterday with Icelandair.
It was so exciting because it's been 6 years that I haven't been back.
This time I opted for flying out from Amsterdam instead of Brussels because it is cheaper. 
Plus Amsterdam is one of the most efficient and convenient airport I have ever seen with many shops, restaurants, and things to do.

My flight from Amsterdam to Reykjavik was about 3 hours, and from Reykjavik to Seattle was about 7.5 hours with 1 hour and 50 minutes layover.
Unfortunately the flight was delayed for 30 minutes in Amsterdam, which made everyone quite nervous about the connection flight. 

There are three standard classes on Icelandair, Economy, Economy Comfort, and Saga Class.
Basically passengers in Economy will have to purchase almost everything, meals, headphones, WiFi (about 10EUR for the long haul leg)...etc. But don't worry, in-flight entertainment, non-alcoholic drinks, power socket, and pillow are still included. Check-in luggage is 1 piece 23kg and 1 piece 10kg for carry on bag. Legroom is 81cm.
Economy Comfort passengers enjoy a bit more of their freebies at a higher price, such as free headphones, eye masks, alcoholic drinks, meals...etc. WiFi is still for purchase. Check-in luggage is 2 pieces and 23kg each and 2 carry on bags at 10kg each. Legroom is 84cm.
Saga class has basically everything plus free WiFi and points to earn. Check-in luggage is 2 pieces with 32kg each, and 2 pieces carry on bags with 10 kg each. Legroom is 101.6cm.

Most importantly, passengers in any class can have a stopover in Iceland for up to 7 nights without additional cost.
Icelandair also has a Stopover Buddy Program, which they pair you up with a local Icelander to explore Iceland in the local way.

After arriving at Schiphol Airport, I treated myself lunch and dessert to start my holiday the right way ;).
This Asian/Western fast food place called Leon is interesting. They serve supposedly healthier fast served food including burgers, wraps, and hot boxes (a rice dish with coleslaw on the side).
As you can guess, I went for the Thai Chicken Curry hot box, which was pretty good, but I didn't like the coleslaw that much. Though their lemonade was a great combination with my semi-spicy rice box.

People don't buy what you sell. They buy why you sell it.

Since Leon was located in their food court area, I conveniently walked over to the other coffee place to get dessert. 
This lemon pie was amazing and a great ending of my lunch.
Afterwards, I bought some snacks at a nearby shop to munch on the flight.
I must say the service, design of the airport, and ambiance are really great and well thought through at Schiphol Airport. One will definitely be comfortable and entertained transferring in Amsterdam.

After the first leg of flight, there was a long line at passport control in Reykjavik.
I was really worried that it will take too long and I will miss my connection which was 35 minutes away.
But the line was moving pretty fast, and I ended up passing through it in 15 minutes.
After rushing to the gate, the previous flight was also delayed, so boarding did not even started yet. Therefore, I had some extra time to stack up on snacks again.
Reykjavik airport is also pretty organized with clear signage, which makes navigating through the airport under time pressure fairly easy. Plus everyone speaks English.

And it was finally boarding. Icelandair gives passengers free bottled water at the entrance upon boarding.
 I always like to keep a bottle of water during long haul flight, so that I can drink whenever I need to without having to ask flight attendants all the time.

The leg room in economy class is fair. And the AC was not extremely cold.

Seats are standard, yet comfortable with three seats on both sides.

Their touchscreen TV was really nice and new. The touchscreen was very responsive with many movie choices. Power socket is at the right side of the screen above the headphone plug.

The funny thing was I totally forgot that I pre-purchase a meal for the 2nd leg for about 15USD.
It came with a hot meal box, water, and a sauce pack.

Icelandair put some volcano fun facts on the box.

It was a chicken with cheese mea and potatoes on the side.
Honestly it was ok and I probably won't get it again on the way back.
Also, I have noticed many other passengers didn't go for meals and rather stick with drinks or their own snacks.

Overall it was a good flight and good experience with good service, comfortable seats, and great in-flight movie selection. 
Even though I didn't get WiFi this time, I like that it is available in case I want to stay in touch with friends and family. 
Plus the layover time is not too long, which makes the flight shorter and efficient.
To conclude. I will definitely fly icdlandair again to go to the United States!

Have you traveled with Icelandair before? Tell me about your experience below. :)

Happy holidays! xo

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