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Saturday, June 03, 2017

Summer is finally here with birds waking me up in the morning!
We are already in June! Time surely flies!
With the better weather, I finally got my wheels to go around Belgium or anywhere I want. 
Having a car is surely a necessity if one lives outside of the city or commutes.
When I was living in Taipei, at one point I moved to the city center and lived only ten minutes away from work by walking. It was so nice to be able to sleep in, yet the downside was living space near city center is normally small and pricey. So after arriving back to my apartment was like a bird back to a cage.
So I guess it all comes down to compromises of space or time spent on commuting. 

Soon I will be off to Seattle for vacation in mid-June. 
I am super excited because last time I left Seattle was 6 years ago! It has been a long time...
People think Seattle is cold and up North, but Seattle to me is like my second home town. 
I went to school there during the age of 17 to 22, which is the prime age to shape and discover oneself.
I have had many good memories there and learned some important life lessons through experiences. 
Also, I met a bunch of great people in Seattle who still have not forgotten me after all these years and I will catch up with very soon! :)


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