Thursday, May 18, 2017

Recently a friend of mine moved to Amsterdam for 3 months, so last weekend I decided to do another weekend trip to Amsterdam.
It is funny how familiar I feel about Amsterdam now since it is so close by and I am often there.
Last Saturday was quite tiring because in the early I had to drop Will off at the airport for his Formula 1 Barcelona trip.
Afterwards, I took the normal intercity train from Brussels to Amsterdam for about three hours.
The train ticket was pretty fairly priced considering how late I booked it. It was 27.50EUR one way.
I felt pretty tired from the week of commuting to work, so taking the train bought me some extra time to rest and enjoy the scenery on the way.

Finally arrived in Amsterdam and met up with my friend who I haven't seen for 3 years! It is always nice to see familiar faces in different parts of the world.
It seems to be the trend now since we all move around at some point in our lives.
This friend of mine moved to Montreal, Canada a few years ago for her boyfriend.
While catching up, I found that we had relatively similar experiences relocating to a French speaking continent for our significant others.
Also, funny thing is because both of us are Taiwanese, we shouted out together that "Oh my god! Sometimes I just want a plate of stirred fry from the local restaurant in Taiwan!"
I guess missing local cuisines from my hometown is also part of the moving abroad experience.

The weather last Saturday wasn't especially sunny, but we still motivated ourselves to get out and go to Vondelpark nearby to have a walk.
There are a few small lakes in the park and it makes me feel really relaxed.
Many people were chilling by the water, jogging, or biking.
Vondelpark is such an oasis in the center of the city providing that calmness for people to slow down from daily routines.

This city is full of surprises. Later that day I found out another friend of mine who was planning to move to Amsterdam just arrived that day.
We met up quickly to catch up on what´s going on in our lives.
It seems like I will have more excuses to come visit Amsterdam more often. ;)
Seeing the apartments of my friends in the city center really reminded me of the apartments in Taipei.
They are small, yet everything you need is equipped.
It is inevitable that one has to either compromise on the location or the space when choosing a place to live.

New York Pizza is my favorite when I visit Amsterdam.
I know people always say there are better food than New York Pizza, but I just love how many choices they came up with!
The picture pretty much spoke for itself. We couldn't make up our minds, so why not just do half and half for both pizzas! ;)

This picture is purely a sign of growing up.
In Taipei, we always went out to bars or clubs on weekends.
Instead, we enjoyed store bought beers and snacks with a quiet and relaxing night in.

It was nice to catch up and discovered how much each one of us has grown and learned from life.
And yet, there are still so much to do and see.
The world awaits us to experience and write our own stories.


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  1. I love Amsterdam so much! But I didn't see this park.. need to go back :)
    With love,

    1. I love Amsterdam, too! Thanks for stopping by!