Thursday, May 04, 2017

Last weekend, we planned a last minute weekend getaway to go to Champagne in the north of France.
The weather was incredibly sunny and the well-maintained toll roads made our drive very enjoyable.
After about 2 hours, we finally arrived in Hautvillers in Champagne. 
First thing we saw while entering Hautvillers was endless vineyards covering the entire valley bathing in the sunshine.
It was so beautiful that we had to stop the car and stepped out to enjoy the view.
While looking for a parking spot, we couldn't help but notice tourists from other parts of Europe have also arrived to spend a relaxing weekend. 
Then we headed to Au 36, a champagne tasting house required no reservations.
From left to the right in the picture with Champagne glasses above are Chardonnay, Meunier, and Pinot Noir. My favorite was Pinot Noir, which was a bit sweet but not too much.
Nice Champagne accompanying by the French snack plate was truly heavenly. 

Later in the afternoon, we headed to city center of Reims to see the famous Reims Cathedral.
The picture pretty much speaks for itself. The Cathedral shows so much history and dedication put into those details.
Then we sat down at the brasserie, Au Bureau, just right next to the Cathedral to continue filling our stomachs.
  (Reims City Center) 
At one point, we tried to visit the Perching Bar because the reviews say it´s a unique Champagne bar in a tree house, but unfortunately we didn't know reservation was needed. Oh well! We will just save it for our next visit! Though it was a fun little walk climbing up hills to find this hidden bar in the middle of the forest.
Our last minute Champagne getaway turned out to be full of surprises and a lot of fun!
It is without a doubt that we will definitely return to visit this amazingly beautiful region with vineyards very soon.

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