Postcard from Amsterdam

Monday, April 03, 2017


Amsterdam is so far my favorite city in Europe and my go-to weekend getaway destination because it is so close to Belgium!
It was still a bit cloudy and chilly on Saturday and thankfully the sun decided to shine the whole Sunday.
There is nothing like walking through Amsterdam bathing in the sun with the shinny canals in the background.

The whole city is full of locals and travels from all over the world. One can immediately feel how vibrant the culture is upon arriving. Cars, public transportations, and bicycles go around each other in a peaceful pace.  
Va Piano is one of my favorite restaurant there. I like how I can see my pasta being made with tis cafeteria self-serving style. It is usually very pack during dinner time, so lunch is my preferred visit time.

 Chilling at Starbucks with a nice cup of coffee (and cheesecake) in between shopping and activities is my way to reenergize.

Amsterdam is such a beautiful city that I always felt recharged after spending a weekend there.
Thank you for reading and wish you an awesome week ahead!


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