Land Rover Experience

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Last weekend we went to the Land Rover Experience.
The event was held at a beautiful castle with a big field in the country side. 
It started with a nice reception lunch followed by a presentation on Land Rovers. Unfortunately I didn't understand much of it because it was in French.
Next we were divided into groups to test drive one of the five cars with one coach per group.
Luckily our coach spoke perfect English!
It was really fun to drive through mud and climb up the hill with different modes for different types of roads.
The most impressive thing was the car is fully on auto-pilot going downhill.
At first I was really skeptical to let go of the break going down a steep hill with four other people with me. But then I finally let go of the break. And wow! The car just drove down slowly by itself with perfect traction! I was genuinely surprised and glad it worked! Haha otherwise I would have crashed an expensive Land Rover!
At the end of the test drive, the experience made me want to have a Land Rover to drive it in the nature! The inside is very comfortable, too!

What is on your wish list for your next car?


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