5 Things to do while commuting

Monday, March 13, 2017

The weather is finally getting a bit warmer to take my trench out.
A sunny day like this in March is so precious that taking a walk around town is a must.

I took a walk next to the train station in Mons, which inspired me to share with you how to utilize commuting time into something useful and educational.

This year I am all about further education, self-improvement, and making my time count.
The truth is I spend a lot of time commuting to work every day and it is a great amount of time wasted if it is only spent on browsing Facebook or watching Netflix.
If I can use one hour a day during commuting to learn something new, that will be 20 learning hours per month! Not too bad!

Here are 5 things to do while commuting: 

1. Read self-help articles or tips on Career Girl Daily or Inc. - I love self-help tips, especially on a Monday morning. It is like injecting a doze of positivity to get the day started.

2. Watch an online course on Udemy - I am pretty addicted to Udemy nowadays. This website offers literally courses in all kinds of categories, from Fashion Design, Photography to Blogging, either for free or an affordable price. There are many other websites offer online courses with a price, such as Coursera and Lynda...etc.

3. Read a book  or listen to an audio book

4. Learn a new language on Duolingo - This free language app offers a series of exercises by topics for many languages. I use it to learn French.

5. Listen to podcasts - Sometimes my eyes are tired from a day of working in front of the computer. Then listening to podcast, such as TED Talks, is a nice way to utilize commuting time without staring at another screen. Here are a few top podcast apps, and here are a few fashion podcasts to listen to.


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  1. First time coming here! Love you and your dimples, and the dress you're wearing in this look!

    x, Cinthy Kwok


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