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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Happy Sunday, everyone! 

Since one of my 2017 objectives is to save money and be better with personal finance, I decided to take actions starting from my wardrobe. 
Oh no! I don´t mean that I will be wearing the same clothes over and over again. On the contrary, I am taking the opportunity to review existing resources and shop smarter! 

How to dress well without killing your wallet: 

1. Repurpose what you have 
Organize your closet to mix and match old pieces for new looks. 
Sometimes I get so busy and forgot to keep my wardrobe in order, then simply forgot what I have.
This month my tasks is to review what I own and get rid of stuff that I will never wear. 
Here is an article with tips on 20 ways to organize your closet

2. Set a monthly/seasonal budget 
Have your ever felt like you did not buy anything expensive, but at the end of the month, your bank account shrank and expenses were solely spent on clothes? Ok, that is me. 
I purchased often in small amounts, 40 EUR here, 50 EUR there, and they did add up! 
So my challenge for this year is to set a budget on clothes and only buy quality items at a good price, which brings us to the next point. 

3. Shop sales
After cleaning your closet, it is easy to make a wish list on what is needed for which season. 
 In order to maximize the budget, it is useful to pay attention to the sales periods, get more for less!
For example, these chocolate boots and Morgan faux leather down jacket, I got them at 50% off during New Year sales. 

I found these two articles especially useful to shop strategically:

It specified which items are marked down in which months.

 It mentioned best days of the week to shop for which items online. 

In summary, 
Buy winter coats with discounts in Jan.& Feb.
Buy jewelry in Feb.
Buy summer clothes in Jul. & Aug.
Buy swimsuits in Aug. & Sep.
Buy jeans in Oct. 

In addition, for sales periods by location in Europe, check out Best Destinations for Sales in Europe.

4. Shop basics at basic price
I like to buy basic/daily items, such as socks, stockings, tanks..., at H&M or Zara at affordable prices because these everyday items tend to wear off quicker. 
That way, I won´t break a bank or go over budget when they need to be replaced. 

5. Get them as gifts 
Birthday? Valentine´s Day? Anniversary? 
Why not receive that stylish necklace or the jacket you´ve been eyeing as gifts? 
Practical and memorable at the same time. 

Hope this post is useful and happy saving!


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  1. Great post! I'm always on the hunt for good sales...I feel like it's never worth it to pay for something full price unless you reallllllly love it.

    jennnngo | twitter | insta | latest post

  2. What brand is your jacket? Sort of resembles Patagonia.

    -Kirsten // pork & cookies

  3. Loving this look! Now I just need that jacket!!


    1. Thanks! The jacket is from Morgan de toi ;)


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