Taipei Trip, too

Monday, October 03, 2016

Clubbing in Taipei is wonderful. 
Overall Taiwan is a relatively safe country comparing to other countries in Asia. Also, not to mention taxi rides are super convenient and cheap.
In comparison to cover charges in the States, cover charges are pretty reasonable in Taipei around 1000NTD (32USD) with 2 drinks vouchers.
During my trip, Sam Feldt played some amazing beats at Myst Nightclub. The club was super packed even though it was a Wednesday.

Biking in Damsui is another must do in Taipei. It is sort of a combination of nature, bars and night market. 
After the bike ride along the harbour, there are many cute cafes, bars, and restaurants for one to relax and enjoy the view.

The Damsui night market and old town also offer tons of local food to explore and an amazing atmosphere at night.

Mango shaved ice at Smoothie House is heavenly with melt-in-your-mouth snow flake ice and super delicious mangos in season.

We also stopped by the oasis pool party at the Grand Hyatt Taipei. Liquid lifestyle promotion throws these awesome rooftop pool parties every summer. The party we planned on going was invitation only, but the owner Elroy was super cool and got us on the list in such a short notice!
Rooftop pool party is seriously the best on a hot summer day.

During my buffet hopping schedule, I simply can't say no to these amazing desserts.

Another cool place in Taipei is this speakeasy bar called Ounce hiding behind a cafe. 
Take a guess on which button on the wall you should press in order to get into the secret bar?
Special note: Ounce doesn't have a menu, but the bartender will come around to ask for your preference and customize each cocktail/drink.

Cheers! Xoxo

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