Taipei Trip

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

This August was filled with activities and excitements. I got to visit home in Taipei for a long three-week with Will. On top of that, my buddy from college coincidentally had a layover in Taipei on his way to Bali, so we all hung out together and I got to show them my beautiful little island.

During the trip, I went hiking for the first time on Elephant Mountain and discovered this amazing view of Taipei 101. Even though the temperature was in high 30s celcius, we all had a great time with each other's company and were full of delicious local cuisines. 

It is always nice to show people from abroad my hometown because I also see things from a different angle. 
Other than the 101 and Sun Yet-San Memorial hall, night market is another must see.
These corners of food heavens are spreaded out all over Taiwan. 
Once you get in, it's hard to stop eating because vendors are on your left and right selling food in small portions with unbeatable prices. We literally ate from the beginning to the end at the night market. 

Moreover, the charm of Taipei doesn't just end here. 
It offers a bit of everything for everyone. 
There are nice trails & mountains for nature lovers, countless bistros & cuisines for food enthusiasts, and vibrant nightlife for party people.  
But more on that in my next post.... stay tuned!


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