Vacation Time

Monday, August 01, 2016

I can´t believe 7 months of the year have passed already!
2016 certainly has been hectic yet full of fun.
Work has been busy ever since I got back from Taipei in January.
After that, W & I only took short weekend trips to Venice & Amsterdam.
Honestly sometimes I was so tired from the week and I only wanted to lay in bed watching Netflix on the weekend. (Still do!)
Yet hard work pays off because........ I recently got promoted! Woohoo!
It also came with more responsibility and more work.
Nevertheless, it was expected. I am still juggling all aspects of my life to reach a balance.
What I have realized was working hard is important.
However, maintaining a hobby or pursuing a real passion outside of your 9 to 5 job is also important.
If you happen to be doing something that you really love, hurray for you.
But I don't think everyone is that lucky to be working in a position for what they truly love.
Even if you do, it is still good to expand horizon by trying new stuff.
In addition, working out constantly is also critical.
For me, doing yoga on Mondays definitely help me set the mood and get ready for the week.
If I am having a stressful week, going to the gym or doing Pilates really help me distress. (Just need to drag myself there!)
Eating healthy also helps me focus.
Psychologically & physically my body feels better when I grab a light salad with smoothie for lunch than a whole serving of pasta.
Very soon I will be off to Taipei again to see friends and family next week!
And I will really have the time to relax and reevaluate myself & my life to make adjustments.
Sometimes I know I should be doing this or that to live a more proactive life, but just can´t find the time to plan it and take action.
This summer I am going to take the opportunity and time to plan better the rest of the 5 months of 2016.
Cheers! Happy holidays! <3

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