9 Tips for a Better Monday

Monday, May 23, 2016

I know I am not alone when I say Monday morning is one of my less optimistic and energetic time.
Especially it doesn't help when the weather happens to be rainy on a Monday.
It seems like weekends always fly by before I can fully enjoy it.
If you also feel the pain, check out tips below that might help you have a better Monday!
Sunday Night Preparation:
1. Get enough sleep on Sunday nights - I know this is not easy for everyone. Sometimes even if I am in bed early, I still could not fall asleep. Though it helps when I take a hot bath or put on a facial mask beforehand to fully relax.  
2. Check weather forecast for Monday & decide on an outfit - This saves me tons of times in the morning without having to debate what to wear in 30 seconds.
3. Pack the lunch box - Another time (& money) saving tip for Monday morning!
Monday Morning:
4. Set the alarm for 15 minutes earlier - Having more time to spare allows you to not be in a rush and stay calm. Use that extra 15 minutes to prepare a nice breakfast or to double check if you have everything you need before running out of the door.
5. Watch inspirational TED Talks - I looooove TED Talks! And watching TED Talks on Monday while commuting really lifts my mood to the positive side.
The happy secret to better work - Shawn Achor
6. Set goals - Remind yourself why your job (or whatever you get out of bed for) matters to you and what you are going to achieve today.
Throughout the day:
7. Eat healthy & drink water - I like grabbing a smoothie either in the morning or at noon just to have that extra energy boost. Taking supplements also does the trick. Drinking water is equally important because it makes me feel less tired and it hydrates my skin.
8. Get all important tasks done by noon - I am a morning person and more efficient/productive in the morning. So it gives me peace of mind when I know everything important or time-sensitive tasks are done by noon, then I can enjoy lunch and afternoon at my own pace.
9. Do yoga or workout - Fortunately my work offers yoga classes at noon on Mondays. I have to say it really helps kick-off the Monday and calm my nerves. However, when I really don't have time to spare at noon, going to the gym after work is also another option.
Hope these tips will help you get through the Monday blue!

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