Return to Venice

Sunday, April 17, 2016

This February I finally returned to Venice where I studied abroad in 2011.
It is always emotional to go back to a place where I visited/lived a few years back.
It seems like Venice has not changed since I left that Summer.
The only different thing was instead of visiting in the busy Summer traveling season, I arrived in Winter.
The cold weather still did not cover the charms of Venice with its cute canals and small shops hidden in the allies.
The beginning of 2016, my schedule was packed with work accompanied by constant grey weather in Belgium.
It was definitely refreshing to get out of town and be in Italy with beautiful scenery.
Even though it was only a short weekend get-away, my mood was uplifted and inspired by different surroundings. 
This is how traveling enriches one´s life, definite relaxation, more inspirations, and instant clarity of one´s goals.  
Comparing to the student life, I appreciate my life now and my job even more, which enable me with enough budget to see things around the world. 
Returning to Venice was on my to-do list, and in early 2016 mission has been accomplished.
In the coming year, visiting Seattle where I spent a significant amount of my life is absolutely next on the list.

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