Easy Cozy

Sunday, December 06, 2015

For taking a quick morning walk, this cozy coat from Zara plus a infinity scarf are definitely my go-to outfit. 
Due to the weather & laziness, I have not been to Mons for a while and was nicely surprised by the city art shining under the rare sunlight.
This crazy & colorful art installation in the background is called The Passenger.
I love how a sort of nest shape grew from all wooden pieces colliding together above the driveway.
This is just one of the few city arts created for Mons 2015. There are many more around or hidden in the corner.
On top of the artsy vibe, Christmas market & an ice-skating rink are also open in the plaza and ready for this holiday season! 
It was so warm & comfortable to walk around in my scarf & coat, while breathing in some fresh air.
Soon W & I will be back to Taipei for the Christmas, and I already picked out light clothing for its 20 degrees temperature.
 But hopefully I will make it to ice skating before my departure! 


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  1. Perfect boots! Bonjour from France, Sand.

  2. You are so cute and pretty! Lovely photos ♡

    Have a nice day xx Love from Slovakia ~

  3. Really nice post and such an interesting angle to take your pictures from! Really quite unique and abstract - you loos so pretty/awesome!

    xoxo, Lauren | The Dazzle Guide

  4. I really like this look! You look so warm and chic! Cute booties too! =) Merry Xmas!