Winter Office Lady

Sunday, November 22, 2015

This weekend Belgium officially entered Winter season with some light snow!
With the cold weather, I was all cuddled up in the blanket and watching House of Cards (amazing!).

Every Sunday I usually plan out everyday work outfit for the week.
I prefer to be prepared and look professional instead of throwing whatever on my back in the morning.
However, if I am really short on time, my go-to outfit is always a blazer plus a dress.
Here are some blazers for under $50.

I usually go on Pinterests for inspiration and browse nice photos.
Keeping the usual business formal, I also like to add a touch of color. :)
Finishing up the look with a nice pair of high heels is my favorite because they make me look sharp. 
Statement necklaces are also eye-catching and they are gorgeous at Stella & Dot.
With December sales slowly approaching, I cannot wait to shop and fill up my never-enough-clothes wardrobe.

Wherever you might be located, stay warm and don´t forget to let me know which look is your favorite in the comment section below! ;)

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  1. These are gorgeous looks for the office! It can be difficult to keep up inspiration for professional looks, and these are really great. :)

  2. Especially love the coat and blazer choices.


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