Fall Skin Care Tips

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Can't believe we have arrived at the end of summer! Only four months left to 2016!
As the seasons are changing, lately I have noticed that my skin is easily dry.
It is important to maintain good skin care routines to have healthy skin and to avoid getting wrinkles.
Below are the basic skin care routines to follow in the morning and before going to bed.
Day Skin Care Routine
Cleanser - Exfoliator - Toner - Essence - Moisturizer- Sunscreen
 Night Skin Care Routine
Cleanser - Exfoliator - Toner - Essence - (Ampoule) - Facial Mask - Eye Cream - Moisturizer

In addition to daily routines, below are a few skin care tips for Fall to keep your skin 
nice and shiny throughout the dry weather.

Fall Skin Care Tips

1. Stay hydrated - Drink enough water! It is especially beneficial for women to drink warm water for bodies to absorb easier. Average intake for women a day is 2.2 liters.
2. Moisturize thoroughly - Don´t forget the basic skin care routine and don´t be shy on using the moisturizer at the end of every process. 
3. Exfoliate weekly- Don't forget to use the scrub once or twice per week to get rid of the dead skin, so that the essence and moisturizer can be fully absorbed.
4. Facial Masks - Do it twice a week or even more often to let your skin stay hydrated. Usually applying it for 15-20 minutes is enough.
This is my favorite part. Just simply put on a mask then read a book or watch a TV show.
5. Sun screen - Don't forget to apply sun screen even if there may not be that much sun.
6. Stay active - Exercising, doing yoga, or hitting the gym will let your body and mind stay healthy. Reducing stress will also maintain healthy skins.
7. Eat healthy - Don't start eating all the comfort & oily food when its getting colder.
I know it is tempting! Healthy diets often reflect on our skin.
Oily diet usually shows on my face the next morning.
Check out 25 Best Food for Your Skin.
8. Get enough sleep - Quality sleep will contribute to young and healthy skin. Get at least 8 hours a day of sleep and go to bed before 11pm.

What kind of skin care routine do you follow? 
What is your favorite product for skin care?
Share it in the comment section below. :)


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