How to Be Happy

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

How to be happy? It seems like an easy topic, which we often omit.
I myself often neglect.

Here are a few things to do to be happy or happier.
They worked for me. They might work for you, too.
In our everyday stressful life, we can all use a bit more happiness.  ;)

1. Smile - Smiling brings joyful vibe around you. People often return with smiles when you smile at them first. 
"Give and you shall receive."
2. Keep learning - Continuous learning makes me feel fulfill and happy. I like to keep my mind busy and achieve a sense of accomplishment upon overcoming challenges. 
3. Keep things organized - I noticed when I keep my stuff organized, my thoughts are more organized as well. As I think more clearly, I feel happier.
4. Be prepared - Stress makes me unhappy. When I am not prepared for important tasks or dates, stress usually comes along. Preparing in advance minimizes unnecessary stress. 
Hence, there is more room for happiness.
5. Forget about the unhappy people - "Misery loves company." I like to hang out with people who are positive and happy. They bring me positive vibe and point of views. 
I am not saying to get away from your friends and family when they encounter difficulties. 
Just don´t hang around with people who like to whine all day. 
You are more likely to become the people you hang out with the most.
6. Do small efforts - I like to give small surprises for friends, family, and the loved one. When you bring happiness to others, you will receive the same amount back. 
7. Don´t sweat about everything/ small things - Don´t cry over spilled milk. Got yelled at by the big boss? Missed the bus? Forgot to bring your wallets? Shit happens, just laugh it off and move on quickly. 
8. Be grateful - Appreciate small things in life. Looking at the glass half full rather than half empty.
I found this one to be the most difficult to achieve. I am still practicing to be grateful all the time and not take things for granted.
9. Respect others - There are so many people on earth. It is impossible that everyone agrees with each other´s value. When disagreement occurs, respect different opinions from others. One day, like-minded people who understand your point of view will eventually come along.
10. Be yourself, do what makes you happy - Why trying to become other people when you get to be yourself.
Do things that matter to you and make you happy.

Ways to be happier simply lay among us. 
We just need to discover them and determine our own happiness.


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Purse: H&M

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