Trench Dress

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Last weekend we visited Ghent, the capital and the largest city in East Flanders.
Ghent is famous for its beautiful scenery and historical buildings.
The place speaks for itself pretty well. 
On a sunny day, there were many tourists walking around and taking pictures. 
Somehow I thought was back to Amsterdam for a bit with the canals and boats.

I tried out my new trench dress (See similar styles in camel, navy, and white) to blend into the sun. Additionally, I matched it with a pair of open toe camel boots (See similar styles in grey, leather, camel, and black) for the summery and trench look.

Starting to explore different parts of Belgium made me realize every city/town can look very different especially due to the diversity of official languages spoken. We spent the day chilling and walking among many tourists in Ghent. 
Ghent is so pretty that we thought we were out of town.

Vacation season has arrived! What are your holiday plans and what outfits are you bringing? 


Camel boots: Jumex


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  1. You look lovely! I love the dress on you it suites you soo well :)Look like you had a great time!
    Just Shae | South African Beauty & Fashion Blog

    1. Thanks dear <3 I love your blog~It´s really cute. :)

  2. Nice Look

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  3. the color of the dress & earrings go well with the backdrop !