Striped Maxi

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Koksijde, a town located in the southwest of Flemish part of Belgium with the North Sea coast line, used to be a popular vacation spot for local Belgians back in the day.
As the average income increased in Belgium plus business model changed in European airline industry (i.e. Ryan Air), traveling abroad became easier and Belgian coast naturally moved down from local´s holiday destination list. 
It was pretty windy the day we visited Koksijde, but we got plenty of sun in the afternoon. 
Koksijde somehow reminds me of Damsui, a town with coast line in the north of Taiwan. 

This cute old windmill happened to be next to the seaside. 
Since we were going to the beach, I wore my striped maxi to match the beach scene. 
It was windy, so I paired it with my denim jacket.
I especially love this maxi with a split at the left side. :)
Maxi dresses can look formal or casual depending on the design or patterns. 
I like them in striped, black, and white for everyday casual look.
Also, pairing it with sandals (ALDO #1, #2) or wedges (#1, #2, #3) to complete the look.

There are still so many places to see in Belgium and I am all excited with the warmer weather.
Next time we will definitely visit some beach destinations outside of the country with more sun. ;)


Striped Maxi: from a local store here
Denim Jacket: Forever21
Sandals: ALDO


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  1. Ahh, I love the maxi! The left side cut is such a delightful surprise, you look lovely! The windmill, too, looks beautiful!

    May x | THE MAYDEN