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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Last weekend, my Valentine's day gift for William was finally "delivered".
Even though it was in the morning, we were all excited and drove to the circuit with an incredibly sunny weather.
At the circuit close to the boarder of France & Belgium, GT VIP offers luxury rides experience from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porche to other sports cars.
 This is an excellent gift idea for boyfriends or even Father's Day since it is coming up.
I know it is still far away, but race car girl look might be a good choice for your next Halloween outfit. See here, and here. It will be fun! ;)
On a daily basis, a pair of leather shorts or leather mini skirts will complete the look.
Pair them with a cropped top to give it more of a summery and sexy twist.
I was still wearing leather leggings because it was still chilly at 8am...But no complains! I am glad it was so sunny.

The gift was nicely redeemed and we enjoyed our way back while the sun was shining on our faces.
Next time it will be my turn to drive a Ferrari. ;)

By the way throwing in a fun fact in Belgium, did you know that they charge different amount of taxes according to the horse power of your vehicles here in Belgium? 
Moreover, the Flammish (the North) part charges less than the French (the South) part. However, if I were to buy a Nissan 350z in the Flammish part, I'll have to pay up to 5000 Euros because the engine is too powerful. It is still not so cheap.
 I guess I'll have to wait until moving back to Seattle one day to get my Z back. Haha...


Dress: Forever21
Leather leggings: Forever21
Platform heels: Guess

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