Hollister Co.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

I used to fill up my wardrobe with so much clothes from Hollister while living in Seattle. This brand is pretty symbolic for my "teenager" period and is associated with many good memories. 
When I hear Hollister, I vision sunshine, beach, and happiness because of their California inspired clothing & store design of course. 
As I grew further into my career, I didn't get a chance to wear that much Hollister anymore and I miss it! 
William and I went to this semi-new Hollister shop in Lille, France. 
As soon as I walked in, I had flashbacks that my friends and I were sitting around the bonfire on a nice summer night chatting and laughing with my favorite Hollister hoodies on. 
The store was decorated exactly like how I remember with wooden closets and surfboards.
However, the store in France forgot to spread their signature perfume everywhere like how they do in the States. (Attention point...)
Overall sales associates provided good services which is rare in Europe. 
That day, I happily bought the black cropped top & jeans jeggings to bring back a piece of me. ;)

By the way. I'm reading a lot about career and life advice nowadays to adjust my goals since we are in the middle of 2015. Then I discovered this blog called Career Girl Daily with bunch of inspirational posts for young professional women.
I think we all need a little boost sometimes. Maybe you'll find it interesting, too! 
Back to the topic, tell me what is your favorite brand and your best memory with it. ;) 

Cropped top: Hollister Co.
Jeggings: Hollister Co.
Color block heels: Jumex 
Necklace & Earrings: Stella & Dot 


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  1. Love your stories behind the outfit. I remember those perfumes!! Can smell it from here just by talking about it.

    1. Thanks :)))) Haha yes what an effective way to brand themselves through scent.

  2. Cool look. I really like your hairstyle, as well. it is so elegant.


  3. beautiful outfit :)- I love your shoes very much

  4. Love this! :)


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