Doudou 2015

Monday, June 01, 2015



Mons, Belgium was named the capital of culture in Europe this year. Despite the fact that it is a college town full of young talent, it also holds many cultural events through out the year. Doudou, an annual cultural event, is one of them.
The original purpose of Doudou is to predict if there is an upcoming war by letting horses carry a heavy carriage on a steep slope. If the horses make it to the top, it symbolizes there will be no war, and vice versa. 
During the event, in addition to lots of drinking going on starting from Friday night and the whole Saturday, on Sunday it features "Combat dit Lumeçon", that is the combat with the dragon (the green "dragon" in the picture below). 
People were told that it will be one's lucky year to whoever gets a part of the tail of this dragon. The tradition is that they'll swing the tail of the dragon around for people to catch it. 
Unavoidably Doudou is always very crowded with a lot of drunk people, which causes some years they had a few people get stepped on to death while fighting over for dragon's tail. 
This year 60,000 people attended the Combat dit Lumeçon even if it was raining on Sunday.


This is a mini version of the dragon they showed on Saturday. Unfortunately this year the weather wasn't so good, so we only went on Saturday for the bar hopping and the parade. 
The entire Mons was in the mood of celebration. Every shop was having discount and every reataurant/cafe was selling food/beers with an outdoor stand. 

If there is a festival in a college town, pub crawl must be happening. There were many students in different groups wearing their own DIY "Barathon" t-shirts aiming to tackle every bar (total of 20+) on the plaza. 
Bars normally make 1/3 of their annual profits during Doudou. Not only beers are about 2 euros per cup, but also going to the toilet is 50 cents each time. 
Through out the day, we were surrounded by many beers, laughters, and music. 
If you come to the Doudou in Mons one day, don't worry about losing your friends. You will definitely find them in front one of the bars on the plaza. ;)

***Click the link above to see videos of the Combat of Dragon***

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