Le Brasse-Temps - Amazing Beer Sampler

Sunday, May 17, 2015



Address: Imagix, Boulevard André Delvaux 1/2, 7000 Mons
Tel: +32 65 84 94 14
Belgium is very well-known for its beer selections.
This restaurant & brewery called Le Brasse-Temps located in Mons area (Wallonia) serves a variety of beers freshly brewed from Brewery Dubuisson. This place reminds me a lot of RAM in Seattle.
During the week I always like to come here with William for an after-work drink during Happy Hour.
They have three types of beer samplers.
I especially love this fruity combination, La Douceur, like most girls will enjoy.
Every cute little glass contains 12.50 cl for €5.90 total. It is actually pretty reasonable.
Here are details of the beers from left to right:
1. Blanche Ste Waudru - a citrus and "hydrating" beer. I personally found it a bit bitter than it is advertised.
2. Cuvée des Trolls - their signature citrusy light beer. This one is my favorite.
3. Brasse-Temps des Cerises - Cherry flavor beer. It is sweet but just enough.
4. Brasse-Temps des Pêche - Peach flavor beer. It is slightly sweeter than the cherry beer, but still very refreshing.
Happy beer tasting!

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