How to Beat the Blue Monday

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Snapped this photo from the apple tree blossom in the backyard during this weekend. So happy that Spring is at the corner. 
Even though waking up in Spring is a lot easier than in the freezing Winter, I still find myself wanting to stay in bed for that extra ten minutes when Monday comes.
Here are some tips I found useful to beat the blue Monday. 
1. Decide your Monday outfit on Sunday night 
2. Make your alarm clock 15 minutes earlier 
3. Plan your Monday adgenda on Sunday to increase productivity 
4. Open the curtains to let sunlight come in 
5. Avoid going out in the evening on Sunday night 
6. Avoid caffeinated drinks on Sunday night 
7. Take a good bath on Sunday night to help relax your nerves 
8. Sleep early always does the trick 

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