Lighten Up

Friday, May 08, 2015


Yesterday we had an incredible "sunny" weather in Belgium. 
Belgium weather is very similar to Seattle with semi-chilly spring temperature accompanying by breezy and barely sweaty short period of summer. 
In contrast, Taipei is already having its 30+ degrees in early May. 
Taking the opportunity and last bit of sunlight, William and I stopped in Mons area for a nice walk.
I like to wear light color combination to announce Spring and Summer are on their way. 
I also love how the sky is brighten up at 5  o'clock in the morning all the way to 9 in the evening. 
At 5am, birds are already singing like a natural alarm. 
Small things in life may look simple, but they are the most flavorful memories when you look back. 


Jacket: Nordstrom BP
Tube Top: H&M
Light-washed Jeans: H&M
Necklace: Stella&Dot
Shoes: From a small shoe shop in Taipei 


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