100 Days of Mr. Diggle

Thursday, May 28, 2015

 A friend of mine in Seattle has started a illustration series called "100 Days of Mr. Diggle".
It is a personal illustration project by Jocelyn Li Langrand, who publishes her cute drawings of main character Mr. Diggle´s life every week.
William and I are always super excited to see new episodes of Mr. Diggle pop up.
Looking at Mr. Diggle´s daily routine or new discovery inspires me to appreciate simple moments in life.
From Jocelyn´s limitless imagination and skillful representation, the images of daily life became fun and colorful.
Above is just one of many illustrations from 100 Days of Mr. Diggle.
Check out more and follow Mr. Diggle at www.jlilangrand.com for weekly new drawing that will make you smile!


Website: www.jlilangrand.com
Instagram: #100daysofmrdiggle

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