Singapore - A Combination of City Lights and Shopping Heaven

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Just got back to Belgium last week and now finally fought through minor jet lag.
Flying from Beijing to Singapore....How do I put this...haha
The moment I landed in Singapore, I was busy looking for Internet so that I could view my Facebook updates. 
Singapore is a lot more familiar to me than Beijing since its city environment is similar to Taipei. 
I loved to see business people walking around among the city jungle. I loved to see people busy making things happen. The whole city was filled with a lively vibe with energetic young workforce. I loved that. 
Singapore also enjoys a mixed ethnicity population just like Belgium does.
The national language of Singapore is English. However, majority of kids follows a second language course in school. It is often time the language their family speaks at home, such as Mandarin Chinese, Malay...etc. 
In contrast, Belgians take French or Flammish (Dutch) course depending on where they live. The South part (Wallonie) is French speaking, while the North part is Flammish, Dutch speaking. Not to mention at the East side there is a also a small German speaking population. I found it rather confusing even for local Belgians to incorporate so many languages, French, Dutch, English, and German, in their own country. 
You can imagine the pain while looking for jobs since there isn't one unified language out of many through out the country.  

Ok back to Singapore...
I loved the weather and the city fashion. It is 34 degree Celsius constant if I'm not mistaken. I was dreaming about putting on my summer dresses and finally had the chance. :D

All and all I loved the city since there are waterfront views everywhere, especially the Marina Bay Sands. This might be cliche but I just love how the hotel is located by the harbor. Great architectures are necessities to a city's skyline. 

And the food selection plus amount of shopping malls are definitely inevitable. 

I lived on these mouth-watering spicy fried rice noodles for days, just couldn't get enough of them! 
For a more local dining experience, I suggest visiting Lau Pa Sat. It is more like a Taiwanese Night Market with seats and cover if you will.

Among a truck load of shopping malls in Singapore, I tried my best and visited three of them. For a more complete guide, you can refer to this article.

1. Vivo City - the biggest shopping mall in Singapore. My legs were almost giving up on me at the end. 

2. Suntec City Mall - It has amazing architecture though many shops were still launching at the end of April. Besides shops, there are also many restaurant selections. 

3. FestiveWalk in Sentosa - A mall on Sentosa island. It is luxurious and also flooded with tourists. 

Sipping on white sangria with waterfront breeze at Sentosa was my one of a kind Singapore experience. 

Have you been to Singapore? What was your Singapore experience? 


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