Short Visit in Beijing

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Having lived in Taiwan for 20+ years, I have never been to China. Because of this, I was especially excited to finally able to see Beijing for the first time.
I flew with Swiss Airline. The flight time was long yet doable with a total of 14 hours and one hour layover in Zurich. 

Swiss Business Class has relatively comfortable seats, large leg room, and variety of in-flight entertainment. 

The menu offered a few main course options. 

I picked salmon tartare as an appetizer. The red sauce on the side blended very well with the white cream and brought chopped salmon pieces a new fresh flavor. 

Main course - chef's choice slow cooked lamb shoulder. 

Swiss cheese platters with spicy berry jam. 

Coffee cream cake for dessert. 

Finally arrived at St. Regis hotel in Beijing. It was quite an adventure to get a taxi since oddly most taxis did not have enough trunk space to fit all our suitcases...... At the end we kind of just grabbed one taxi driver and convinced him that we would make them fit. 

At first I was experiencing serious jetlag since I could not sleep on the plane at all. However, I must see the Great Wall and the Forbidden City in Beijing, so here are the photos I was at the popular tourist destination with half opened eyes. 

It was extremely crowded at 8am at the Forbidden city. The tour guide was joking if one of us got lost, he will still be at the same spot tomorrow for another group tour. 

Trying to climb the Great Wall with jetlag and severe fear of heights. 

These stairs are very steep and go all the way up. 

Finally I had to stop half way because it would have been a problem for me to go down...well at least I've been to the Great Wall. :)

China is indeed very big and full of people. It was a very interesting and eye opening encounter to see these historical monuments which I only read on books. Hopefully will be back soon to explore other cities such as Shanghai soon. :)

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