Spring is coming!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Belgium weather is pretty extreme. In the middle of March, the highest temperature during a day can be up to 16 degrees, while lowest can be -1 C. 
The best way to dress is a thick layer jacket outside and thin layer of clothing inside. There is heating everywhere inside the buildings. The "onion dressing method", that is many layers but can he remove one by one, is the most practical way for this weather. 
I remember when I first went on a study abroad summer school at the age of 15 in UK, I wasn't used to the rapid temperature changes from the morning to night and got a severe cold. 
I lost my voice for three days and as in it was an "English study abroad school", I wasn't able to speak English but used my very limited vocabulary back then showing my teacher the notebook written "I can't talk. I am sick." 
What a wonderful and innocent period of teenager-hood. 
Back to the spring topic, white pants are my new favorite for this spring!
They are bright and can be pair with many colored tops. Moreover, both short boots and wedges will look awesome with it! 
After spong, summer will be shortly approaching, too! That means, BIKINI TIME! :) 

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