Packing Checklist

Monday, March 30, 2015

In less than 72 hours, I will be on my way to my first business trip.
I cannot hide how much I am excited for the trip. At the same time, William and I are also anxious to be apart for the first time after I moved here. During our long distance relationship, mostly of the time we were on Skype. So it's not hard to imagine the struggle to get back on communicating through Skype again.

Since I will be traveling to to Beijing, Singapore, and Taipei, it is an challenge to pack everything I might need into one suitcase. 
Especially this time is not entirely for leisure, I need to strategically fit formal outfits plus daily wear in the luggage. 

Here are my packing checklist to minimize the space, yet still bring everything necessary. 

Before packing, it is definitely critical to check the weather of your destinations.
Giving in consideration of 20 degrees difference, I had a better idea of what to pack.

Here is my packing checklist, 
1. Decide what to wear during the flight 
I like to be as comfortable as possible on international flights. Often time I either wear a simple dress with legging/yoga pants or bring a pair of PJ to change. Always remember to bring a comfy jacket because it can get pretty cold on the plane. 

2. Shoes

A pair of flip flop is a must plus a pair of flats in case of walking. This time I will wear my black heels boots to board just because the Belgian weather is still not so warm yet. A pair of heels for going out is also necessary for any night out occasion. This time a pair of classic black  heels is appropriate for business meetings. 

3. Dresses for going out 

4. 7 outfits that can be mixed and matched, jewelry, makeup, nail polish....etc

5. Passport, visa, and printed itinerary 
I always like to print out my itinerary in case of questions at the custom 

6. Bring enough shower gel, shampoo, toiletries and personal medication for a short period of time in case you cannot find a local store as soon as you land

7. A few packs of snacks 

8. Enough cash, just in case your Visa card conveniently rejects any transaction on a foreign ATM 

9. Chargers and converters for electronic devices. Without them, it will be a pain to stay connected with people or even document the trip. 

10. Do homework beforehand for all places that you want to visit and print or save the addresses on your laptop. 

11. Always arrive at the airport two hours beforehand to allow enough time for checking in. It's always better to have more time than being on a time chrunch.

12. For carry on luggage, put all liquids in see through bottles and place all bottles in a plastic bag to save time on going through security check. 

13. If travelling alone, make sure to stay in touch with friends or family and inform them your current location. 

That's it! Happy packing and stay tuned for more posts about my trip! xoxo
Bon voyage! 

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