La Pizzarella

Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Chinese visa crisis was finally over today. Visa is done, flights are book, and this weekend I can focus on packing and preparing. 
William has gone through a tough week full of interviews and family matters.
This Friday night, we decided to take a break and treat ourselves with good food.
Here in Mons, La Pizzarella is located on the main plaza with beautiful fountains in front.

The restaurant is very cozy with friendly staff.
La Pizzarella provides speedy customer service. Our orders arrived pretty quick as well. 

I had the Milano pizza, thin and crispy Italian crust topped with thin slices of pepperoni.

This is the typical pizza Margarita.
Their pizzas were very tasty and fresh out of oven. 
The wooden plus bricks interior brought a sense of coziness for people who want to talk and relax over dinner.

The walk in front of the foundation added a bit more magical atmosphere in the air.

La Pizzarella is definitely on my recommendation list for friends or couple to chitchat over a nice meal and to fulfill their pizza cravings! TGIF! :)


Grand place 2 - 7000 MONS

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