Thursday, March 19, 2015

I've been postponing blogging since an incidence on Monday midnight.
The hospital called the family, and we learned that William's mom has passed away. It is very unpredictable how fast a person's life can change from walking around to laying in a box without moving. 
The last second what people talk about is always the best memory they can remember from the person. 
I was shocked that how short it took to transport her from the hospital to the closest funeral home to sealing the coffin. 
Everyone was shocked and devastated. 
Though we all saw it coming six months ago. After all we knew she would leave one day, but the doctor wouldn't have an exact date. It was still extremely difficult for us to accept and realize it was over. 
With all the respect, William's mother was an extremely kind woman who always set her family as her first priority. 
She was extremely supportive through our entire relationship. She was a great support for us to keep faith and keep it going, especially during the long distance part. I will always remember her as I met her for the first time in Septemebr 2014. Her kindness of welcoming me at the house is unforgettable and heart-warming. It was heart broken to bring the pair of silver earrings I bought for her 56th birthday to the farewell ceremony. Who knew I would be late by one week to deliver the birthday gift. 
Form this, I realized how important it is to cherish the time with your love ones while they are still by your side. I realized how significant it is to contribute as much as you can to your love ones instead of continuously taking without giving. I especially realized one should always be grateful for what their parents and their love ones do for them. More importantly, addressing their love and be thankful all the time even for small things one's parents or spouses do for them without taking it for granted. We all have limited time for our journeys and we will never know that maybe tomorrow will reach the end of the road. 

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