Belgian Double Decker Train

Friday, March 27, 2015

This is the exterior of Belgian double decker train. It is considered the newest model (and the most comfortable) of train operated within Belgium. 

This is the interior. Every cabin has its own toilet located on the first floor. 
Unlike the metro with automatic doors, passengers had to press a button next to the door upon their arrivals to exit. 
Since the train schedules are extremely unstable here in Belgium, one can experience last minute train cancellation or last minute changing of tracks. 
It is the best to always double check their info board or on their website at
I found it also convenient to download their app in case for any delay or disruption. 

This is my still in bed face in the morning. It's already March but the temperature in the morning is often around 2-5 degrees still, so a hat and a scarf are a must. :)

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