Bad Day, Rainy Day

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Today is one of those days that things did not go as planned or extra problematic. Everyone experiences days like such which discourage them, extrs work to be done, difficult bosses, uneasy delimma, or simply just a rainy day.
 Whenever it is a discouraging or rainy day, I like to listen to Daniel  Powter's Bad Day. His lyrics always help release a bit of stress. I love the piano in the background. Remember I used to love this song so much in high school that I played it at the talent show during a study abroad trip. Good times! It also gave me motivation to master English studies. It is amazing how motivated or inspired we can get from life events.
Moreover, it is important to have your love ones supporting you whenever life seems a bit down. It is always great to have your partners as listeners whenever
you need it, and vice versa.
Hope this rainy and cloudy day will go away soon.
Tomorrow is a new day!

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