5 Places I Love Which Should Expand Internationally

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Having lived around the world for a few years, I always found myself missing or craving for the food from one of these places below. 
One of the best thing being as an international student or an expact is that you get to try new restaurants at new places. Nevertheless, these places will always bring back memories associated the time you spent there. 
Soon I'll discover my new favorites here in Belgium, but here are a few I miss from Seattle and Taipei. 

1. 7-Eleven (Taiwan)
Even if 7-11 was founded in the US, Asia seems to utilize the convenient store concept to the extreme.
Do I need to mention how convenient 7-11 is in Asia? One can almost live at the 7-Evelen in Taipei. It is really fascinating how conveninet 7-Evelen is in Taiwan. One can buy snacks, drinks, fresh brewed coffee, hot food, veggies, ready-to-eat fruits, alcohol....everything you can think of in the food category. PLUS one can send DHL mail, print/scan documents, buy tickets for concert..., and even dry cleaning service! It is the extreme version of "convenient store". 
Some of the 7-Evelen even offers seats, so it is just like a cafe at the corner. 

2. 50 lan (50嵐) Taiwanese Bubble Tea (Taipei)
Bubble tea shops in Asia is compatible to the cafes in western countries. Offering more than 50 kinds of tea/milk tea/juice on the menu, non-coffee drinkers have so many more selections.


3. Beth's Cafe (Seattle)
Brunch cafes have increased their popularity these few years. However, the word "brunch" is literally the combination of "breakfast" and "lunch", which happens between 10am to 2pm. What about 24 hours brunch? Beth's Cafè presents you the biggest 12 eggs omelette that you've never experienced before. And  what's better? They open 24 hours serving their signature 12 eggs omelette, refillable fresh brewed coffee, and unlimited hashbrown! But don't be too happy about the hashbrown just yet. Try to get through the "pillow-like" omelette in front of you before even thinking about the hashbrown underneath the omelette. Beth's cafe even gives away free T-shirts for those who finish their 12 eggs omelette. 
I usually had to share it with a friend and still have enough left to take away. Fun thing about this cafe is that it is not a fancy decorated place but a warm and cozy corner for people to stop in the early morning or in the middle of the night. Beth's cafe offers colored pens and papers for customers who want to leave their creativity on the wall, which is full of painting from others already. 
It'll be pretty awesome to have another Beth's cafe somewhere around the world if they can successfully pass on their 12 eggs omelette recipes. 

4. Dick's Burger 
What's more fun than drive-in burger places? The answer is cheap but quality drive-in Dick's Burger! Their burgers are so cheap that you wouldn't have imagine. The basic burger is just with buns and a beaf patty. The cheese burger is just basic burger plus a slice of cheese. And Dick's delux burger comes with their special dressing and fresh salad. Not to mention their fresh made freis still with potatoe skins plus a variety selection of milkshakes. Every item is under or around 1 USD. There are always hungry people waiting outside at the booth for their fresh made burgers. The whole burger booth only has glasses surrounded, so one can see clearly their food making process. It is definitely an experience to go there, wait in the cold, and forget about the cold when you taste the first bite of that awesome Dick's burger. 

5. All-you-can-eat BBQ (Taipei)
All you can eat BBQ and all you can drink  bees for 15 USD per person? What a great idea. Surprisingly there are many all-you-can-eat places in Taipei, but people are so skinny in my own city. 
I remember once William came to visit me in Taipei, my American friends and I took him to this all-you-can-eat places with unlimited Asahi beers. We drank so much beers that at the end we finished all the beers from their fridge and can only take the warm ones. Good times! The best thing is that you BBQ on the table with your friends while hanging out. And the place offers many selection of meat, so everyone can pick thier favorite. 

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