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Thursday, February 26, 2015

2014 was a year full of changes for me. I'd say I'm very much looking forward to what 2015 has to offer.
Last year everything came together including parents' divorce, change of career, moving across continent, and to top it off on New Year's Eve - a stolen suitcase with my Mac in it. 
The moment I learned the car was broken into and my Mac was stolen, I was devastated. However, now I look back, everything I went through only makes me become stronger to deal with other future obstacles. 
Moving to a new country wasn't easy at first, either. I was finally able to appreciate the differences in the new country after a couple months of homesick and adjustment. 
I've learned that when it comes to problems, the most important is to figure out a solution instead of being frustrated and going nowhere. 
Most importantly, cherish what I have, live in the moment with my love ones, and treat every second like the last second. Things might change rapidly the second minute. Nobody will ever know. 
Many takeaways I've drawn from last year's events in order to enhance the current year. 
I've also learned a lot about myself from moving to a new place, such as doing what will make me happy. 
Learning new things always gives me a sense of accomplishment in the process. As a result, I am starting my French courses this month. :) I still need to learn Dutch as well, but I'll get to it later. 
What is the activity scientifically proven making people feel happy? Exercise! Yes, under the influences of my new colleagues, I've also signed up for the gym. The benefit of working out with colleagues at the gym nearby the office is that they will motivate me to go and I procrastinate less. ;)
In addition, after getting a bit more familiar with the city, I've also signed up to host event and attend networking sessions again. Event planning is also my passion because I love to connect different people together. 
Reading a few magazines and self-help articles also got me some ideas about how to deal with future situations. 
Last but not least, planning a visit back to Taipei is also in progress. 
Nonetheless, working hard and meeting KPI is definitely the number one on my new year resolution list. 
All and all, planning my year and experiencing new things make me feel excited about this year which just began. 
Will update it next time about the progress! 

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