How to Apply for Belgium Working Holiday Visa in 7 Days 比利時打工度假簽證申請程序一週大作戰

Saturday, October 11, 2014

There are more and more Working Holiday programs between countries, and Taiwan/Belgium just started last year. There are 200 spots every year for young adults under age of 30 to go to Belgium/Taiwan every year.

Typically applicants apply for the visa first and then go abroad to find a job. However, my situation was different since I got an interviewed scheduled while on vacation in Belgium. So I got the job first, then flew back to Taipei for the visa. Thus, I had to do it in a hurry in a week.

First, I think it's very important for applicants to understand with the Working Holiday Visa to Belgium, one can work as a full time for six months OR as a part time for one year. In addition, a lot of people tend to apply jobs toward the babysitting or farming work, I will also recommend targeting the major retail stores, such as Swatch, H&M...etc. Sometimes they need part-time staff who speaks Mandarin and a part-time job with 24 hours/week can pay up to 1000 euros a month.

Also, what was really critical for my application to pass through so fast was that my insurance agent. Normally to get an English Certificate for travel insurance takes 2 weeks (10 business days). Since my insurance agent at Prudential is well connected, she got me the certificate in 3 business days. And 360 days travel insurance doesn't exist. You either have to buy a 180 days and reenter the country to make the rest of the 180 days stay valid or get more than one year of life insurance because life insurance covers for life.
What are the main points that the Belgian Embassy look for in the insurance?
- The duration of the insurance (must cover up to one year)
- An “all risk” insurance valid for the period of your stay and covering occupational accidents, health care including medical costs, hospitalization and return home coverage (buy after your visa has been approved)

Before the work day:
- Print out the application forms on the Belgian Office in Taipei with three passport photos attached. (
- Call in advance to schedule an appointment for the interview (The interview can be conducted in English, French, or Dutch. It is just to see if you can communicate well in the language selected.)
- Have approximately NTD7500 ready for the application fee
- Call the health clinic for an appointment (health check record takes about 3 business days)
- Call your insurance agent to start with the English Certificate

Day 1:
- Go to the Belgian Office in Taipei, finish the interview, and pay the application fees
- Go to the health clinic 杏群診所 to get the health check done (NTD3500)
- Go to the Police Station to get the criminal record, you can take it back on the same day. Since I was in a rush, I emailed the criminal record to my notary public (民間公證人民權聯合事務所) to get it notarized

Day 2:
- Go to the notary public, get the criminal record notarized (NTD750, take it back on the same day), and then run to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (外交部)to get it notarized again (NTD400+NTD200 -> Speeded Case, pick it up tomorrow)
- Go to the bank to get the bank statement or simply print out last month credit card bill which shows the credit limit (at least 2500 euros / NTD 100K combined)

Day 3:
- Pick up the notarized criminal record
- Pick up the health check
- Pick up the insurance English Certificate
- Print out “use of languages in administrative procedures” on the Belgian Office in Taipei website (I used the French version because I knew I was going to the French part of Belgium)
- Book your one-way ticket to Brussels (I got my ticket at with China Airlines+Etihad Airways for only NTD18000. Pretty good for the last minute price and Etihad Airways is absolutely awesome with their service, night bag, food, new aircraft interior, on-flight entertainment, and even the power outlet to charge your iphone.)

Day 4: The big day! Remember to gather everyhing and arrive by 11:45am! A photo for visa will be taken as well.
- Passport (Doh!)
- Application (If they give it back to you, bring it!)
- Health check (Do not open the envelope. It must be sealed!)
- Notarized criminal record
- Use of languages in administrative procedures
- Flight itinerary
- Insurance English Certificate (It's better to have your insurance agent come with you to explain the necessaries to the Belgian Embassy. I found it very helpful.)
- Bank statement
- Extra cash since the Embassy will charge you again for notarizing the criminal record

Day 5: Viola!
- Pick up your passport with the visa plus two copies of work authorization letter and fly to Belgium as scheduled. :)

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