Homemade Carbonara

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

This quick and easy homemade Carbonara recipe is good for daily cooking or home dinner parties. This recipe is super easy that it has a very low fail rate. For people who love cream sauce, this amazing combination of cream and egg sauce will definitely make you fall in love from the first bite.

Ingredients (serve 4 people):
1. Pasta - one bag
2. Garlic - one clove and minced
3. Smoked bacon chunks - one box
4. Cream - three cups
5. Parsley or oregano - a pinch
6. Black pepper
7. Butter or olive oil
8. Shredded Mozeralla - 2 cups
9. Egg yolk

1. Boil a pot of water then put the bag of pasta in the pot and cook until soft. Drain the pasta and put it aside for later 
2. In a large pan, put butter and oil with medium fire, add minced garlic
3. After the garlic become golden color, add the bacon chunks together and stir fry them for about 3 minutes 
4. Add cream and cook until slightly boiled
5. Add in shredded Mozerrala and cook until thicken
6. Add the egg yolk and cook until the colors are even
7. Finally add in black pepper, parsley, and pepper to taste
8. Add in cooked pasta, mix it well, and serve

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