Six Months After...

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Six months can feel long while waiting for something or someone.

Though if busy working or in school, six months fly by super fast when there is endless tasks needed to be done. 
Six months after...we finally met again at the airport of Taipei. 
Even though the first few seconds we were still trying to get used to each other's faces in real life instead of on the computer screen...
Even though we were both super nervous to either cross the door at the airport or to wait for the person to cross through that door...
It was just like we have never been apart and everything is still very familiar... 

Now part two of our reunion started in Taipei, Taiwan. 
We didn't go out of Taipei since I had to work still...
But in Taipei, there are endless stuff to do, good food to eat, and nightlife to experience. 
There's always something to do and there are always people walking on the street. 
Especially living in Taipei City Center saves a lot of time on commuting.

Our first meal began at Dan Ryan's Chicago Grill, their amazing lasagna is delicious and served in American restaurant portion. You must be very hungry to finish the whole thing. 
However, the thick layer of cheese on top of the lasagna makes it 100% satisfactory. 

Day one is always the fighting with jetlag day and going to bed early day...

The next day we went on a biking ride with his brother in Damsui. It is far from the Taipei city center, but the scenery is really beautiful and makes the trip worth it. 

The view from the Lover's Bridge at the Fisherman Wharf.

Lover's Bridge

It was a healthy and successful bike ride. :)
Getting out of the city once in a while really brings new perspective every time.
I guess that's the purpose of traveling...seeking inspirations. ;) 


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