And a year after...

Friday, January 17, 2014

Just remembering how I felt about a year ago upon leaving Seattle.
Seattle - a quiet and rainy city, this will be how most people describe it. Maybe even "Seattle is for retired people." 
To me, after five years in Seattle, Washington, this rainy and often without too much sunlight city has become one of my favorite city on earth. 
I am attached to the people in Seattle, the clean and crisp air in the morning, the calm chowder at Pike Place Market, the Sunday happy hour by Green Lake, and the skyline without too many buildings on the drive from SeaTac airport to my University. 
So many memories were there, so many things I learned, and so many life experiences happened because of the amazing people I met in Seattle. 
If life is like a novel, my time in Seattle is definitely a chapter full of adventures. 
But you must go on and read through the rest of the chapter in order to finish reading the whole story. 
One thing is for sure. As soon as I finish the whole book, I will definitely come back and read my favorite chapter once more. 

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