Thursday, December 26, 2013

Looking at the near finished business proposal for this small investment firm in Brussels, the thought of how I found this opportunity at the first place occurred to me...
Who would think of going through this channel to contact a business owner other than just typing the keywords on google search.
I know myself back in one year ago wouldn't have thought of trying something else other than the obvious. 
No matter whether this business proposal gets accepted or not, the more previous lesson learned was that things are not at all what I thought they seem like, and that if one has the courage to try something, it will either result in a new road being discovered or a method being crossed off the list. 
A good result is desirable, the process used to get such result gives a person room to grow and try, and the method in the process allows one to reveal the possibilities one might have never thought of before. 
One way or the other, the experience from the previous attempt will always contribute to the next upcoming success. 

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