French Crepe

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Two cups of flour 
Two eggs (separate the yolk and egg white)
Two cups of milk 
Sugar 40g 
Vanilla extract - a little bit 
Salt - a pinch 
Half bottle of beer ( or substitute with baking powder 20g) 
Butter - enough to oil the flat pan 
Chocolate or caramel syrup 
Vanilla ice cream 

1. Mix the flour, milk, and yolks together in a big bowl 
2. Add in the sugar, vanilla, salt and beer and stir the batter until it is well mixed
3. Beat the egg white with an electronic mixer until it is not liquidly anymore and puffy texture with white color
4. Mix the beaten egg white into the batter with a mixer spoon (add more milk accordingly to keep the batter liquidly) 
5. Heat up the flat pan to medium fire and put the butter on until it is well melted and spread on the pan 
6. Add a scoop of batter into the pan until the pan is well covered without any hole 
7. Flip the crepe to the other side until one side is golden brown 
8. Remove the crepe from the pan until both sides are golden brown 
9. Add the syrup and scoops of ice cream on the crepe and roll the crepe to keep them inside 
10. Ready, serve, and enjoy! 

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