Photography this week

Saturday, May 04, 2013

I think life is about taking chances. Life always gives me surprises when I decide to go for another route from what I usually take or when I decided to say yes to things instead of a no. 
And that's what keeps my every day life exciting by not knowing what is going to happen next and enjoy those unexpected events. 
On a random day in the office when I am usually buried in piles of work. Then I decided to look outside of the window for a second randomly. This overcast sky view probably happens every day out of the window and I just had a chance to catch it on my camera now. 
I think it is a strong picture with the perfect amount of sunlight on the very top. The light sort of shot out diagonally in every direction, and gave the whole picture the dramatic effect. 
It kind of reminds me of the movie I Am Legend. haha

I also like to enjoy a drink or two on a Friday night just to relax after a busy week. The light on the ceiling by the bar really caught my eye. I think overall the blue light on top combing with the yellow light brings the slightly drunken feeling to the picture. I remember those blue spots on top were actually pieces of long glass on the ceiling. Some lounge designs are just so pleasant and make me want to have one more drink.

 This drink is a Mai Tai. I thought the marble stone texture of their bar table really fit orange color of the drink well. Cheers! 

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