Hello Taipei101!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

After going through all the trouble of background checks and other processes of making sure that I am perfectly "clean" to work at a bank in Taiwan, I finally started my day job two days ago! As you may imagine, I was super excited for my first day of work! As I arrived to the ShingYi district in Taipei, I felt like I finally made it to the center of Taipei City. In comparison, it's just like getting a job in NYC for Taiwanese people. And I can't stretch more about how convenient the MRT is! Though one might not have too much personal space on the subway in the morning, it definitely gets you to work on time. When I got to Taipei101, which will be my office location in the next couple months, I found that I was assigned to a window seat! How lucky I am, on Taipei101 with a window seat!

Though first day of work was relatively busy, it wasn't as stressful as working at the retail banking branch in Seattle. I guess I was always alert working at the branch since there will be customers walking in every second. At lunch, a nice manager took me down to the food court underneath the tower. It was an absolutely enjoyable of my first day considering the work atmosphere is really nice and warm! Carry on and keep calm! Cheers to having a job!

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