I Am Hired!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Yes! I finally got a job, which will start on April 10th! 
Though it's a contractor position with Bank of America, the office location it's on the 43rd floor on Taipei101 tower! I am super excited about that! 
Oh well, I will just need to find another job on the same building where many famous international companies are up there. Life is unpredictable! 
Funny thing is they found me on 104.com.tw when I didn't even notice Bank of America was hiring. It's probably because they only do commercial banking here, so I didn't even think about applying. 
The person who I am replacing with is having a baby, so she will be out for 5 months. 
Nobody knows what's going to happen in five months, right? Maybe I will get into KPMG on the 68th floor. It will be so wonderful if that does happen. Fingers cross...
Alright, enough say, here are some pictures I took in the past few weeks.
I took this sign, which is identical to the one in NYC, on my way to an interview with UNIQLO. 
It was such a nice day. :)

I took these four photos with a Cannon film camera for my black & white photography class four years ago. It's so amazing how fast time passes. 
It would be so great if I can buy a digital film camera in the future and start doing photography again! Really really loved it! 

Yeah I poured coke on the dining table for this shot. Kinda wish I didn't just pour it there, instead, it would be cool to see some action or splashes. Oh well, I was an amateur. 

I borrowed my good friend Vicky's perfume bottles. She collects perfume. I remember when she opened her drawer and let me choose from piles of her perfumes. They all smiled so nice! I actually went to the store and got the one at the very front right after this shoot. :) Speaking of Vicky, she is back to Taipei now! Can't wait to catch up with her! 

I think this is a very historical moment when I started to enjoy occasional Friday nights drinking. Corona with lime was just so tasty to me! I remember I used to go to my best friend Marx dorm room to drink with him and watch a movie. By the way, I was very bad at picking movies back then. Haha Can't count how many times we had to sit through bad movies.  

Oh this is absolutely my favorite one. I saw the kitty in the afternoon on the way to the laundry room on coincidence. Then I quickly ran back to my apartment to get the camera, and was trying to take pictures while trying not to scare the kitty. Then I used coffee in the dark room to create this old picture like feeling.   

Finally, ladies & gents, this will be my office location in about two weeks! Can't wait!

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